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Introduction to Advanced Format Hard Drives
The biggest change to mechanical hard drives for 30 years and all very technical if you really want to get into it. If you just want the basics and some insight into what it's all about then here it is.
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AF Drive
Configuring Advanced Format Drives and Partitions
There is going to be a long cross over phase from traditional to Advanced Format and 4K hard drives and we need to know which tools and settings we should be using on which drives.
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How to Determine if a Drive is MBR or GPT
The style of partitioning used on a hard drive will dictate much of what we can and cannot do with various tools and operating systems. It's therefore important that we know what we are dealing with.
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Partition Cyl
A First Introduction to Hard Drive Partitions.
An examination of the different types of partitions and the rules and conventions we need to follow on how they should be organized and placed on a hard drive.
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Tool Box
Using the Windows Disk Management Utility.
Window's own partitioning tool can actually do most of what we need and this series of articles should tell you all that you need to know.
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Creating and Deleting Partitions.
The new partition alignments along with a whole new style of partitioning means that more than ever we need to know what we are doing.

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Resizing existing Partitions.
The ability to non-destructively shrink the size of an existing partition can give us an easy way to make space for more partitions.

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Formatting Partitions.
In this article we cover how to format, then look at the recommended uses and limitations of the available files systems.

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Add, Remove or Change Drive Letters.
Assigning our own drive letters can help us to keep our drives organized and allow us to ensure all our operating systems see things the same way.

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Change the Active Partition.
We can use this in place of a bootmanager, as well as using it to stop a Windows install from placing boot files on a different partition to the OS.


boot sequence
An Illustrated Guide to the Boot Sequence.
It can be extremely useful to have at least a basic knowledge of the mechanics and flow of the boot sequence. This article and the others in the series try to break it down and make it clear and understandable.
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Windows Boot Sequence of XP & Win-7 Dualboot.
When the old and the new are brought together on the same machine it takes an uneasy alliance of two bootmanagers to do the job.

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Boot Sequence of Mixed Windows Multi-Boot.
As you add more Windows operating systems to create a multi-boot system there are a few rules to be followed.


virtual globe
An Introduction to Virtual Operating Systems.
Setting up and using virtual operating systems for a bit of dual or multi-booting can be easier, quicker and safer than having to reconfigure real hardware or partitions and bootmanagers.
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bios boot menu
How to Boot from Removable or Secondary Devices.

When we want to boot from a CD/DVD or USB/SD flash device, or any type of secondary hard drive, we can alter the bios boot order, or use a bios boot menu?
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