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The net is currently plagued with fake or pseudo help and information websites that are mostly no help at all. The majority of them have been created almost solely for the purpose of generating page-hits and advertising revenue and they usually have content that is light at best or nonexistent and misleading at worst. The computer help field is no exception and may even have more than its fair share of useless nonsense bouncing around the aether.

Our overriding aim at multibooters.com is to create a genuine help site with information that is both comprehensive and well researched, as well as being laid out in a clear and organized manner. While it would be nice to eventually see the site become self-financing, our overriding motivation will always be to the quality and accuracy of our articles and guides.

5star image buttonHelp Improve our Articles.
The ever increasing pace of computer development means that some of the content on our site can get old very quickly, so if you spot something that is out of date and could be misleading please let us know. Our subject is truly vast and I'm sure we don't know the half of it, so there are going to be things we have overlooked and maybe even some things we have got wrong. Help keep us on our toes by pointing out errors and anything you feel has been omitted from an article or guide. If you know of an easier, quicker or just a better way to do something we would love to hear from you.

We are all volunteers here and there is not a professional wordsmith amongst us, so please cut us some slack if our writings are not perfect. Hiring a professional proof reader is prohibitively expensive, so please don't be slow in pointing out any errors or mistakes you may find in our writings - we would indeed be grateful for your input. We have tried hard to use non-technical language and keep things as concise and to the point as possible. Sometimes this means that what gets left out is as important as what goes in and so articles can be trimmed down and so may inadvertently lose something. If you came across anything that left you confused or just wasn't clear, then please let us know.
"The more you explain it, the more I don't understand it."
Mark Twain


people and time imageGot time to spare?
If you want to get involved then watch out for our projects page which should be coming shortly and which will list and detail some of the various ways that your input could help us and our readers.

dot icon We'll want reports on store bought machines and their factory configuration of
partitions and recovery systems and what you did to achieve a successful
multiboot setup.

dot icon Tell us if the apps and utilities you own and use are compatible or not with the
latest hardware, the 4k partition alignments, or the new UEFI and GPT systems.

dot icon Can you help with any of the unsolved or unexplored multibooting issues or
questions that we haven't yet found the time to resolve or remove from our ever
expanding 2-do list.

Do you have any pertinent skills or services you could offer that you think we could use? Anything from icon and graphic making to accessibility optimizing? We are not beyond considering outside articles or reviews, but our standards are exceptionally high and we favor concise and dispassionate writing. Are you an experienced Linux or Virtual systems expert that us traditional Windows guys could consult with to avoid misconceptions and embarrassing errors?


contribute hardwareContribute hardware.
Keeping up with the latest hardware can be an expensive business. We like to test on as wide a range of platforms as we can but it can be a struggle to always stay ahead of all the new gear. So if you have any recent hardware you purchased and for whatever reason no longer require, then this is what we could currently use.

SSD hard drives of any size, make or age.
Any hybrid drives and PCI-express or mSATA SSDs
Basically we'll take anything SSD for any platform.

Most anything USB3 and SATAIII (6gb/s)
USB3 keys or flash drives.
2.5 or 3.5 SATAIII hard drives.
External USB3, eSATA or firewire hard drives, enclosures and docks.
SATAIII capable desktop drive-caddies.

Net, Note, Chrome or Mac Book up to about 4 years old.
And of course any Sleek or Ultrabook or Windows-8 laptop.
Any of the recent x86 capable tablets such as the Surface Pro.

UEFI and/or mSATA capable motherboards or bundles.

We will literally take any recent piece of tech you are willing to ship to us as we can always sell it on for funds if we can't make use of it ourselves. If you are outside of the US or UK then component parts and small items only please and parcels no larger than a motherboard box. If you are outside North America then please ship to our UK address.

PO BOX 6737
Elgin, Moray
IV30 9AN
616 Corporate Way
Suite 2-6387
Valley Cottage
NY 10989,  USA


give money imageHelp us Financially.
As you can imagine it takes money and time to maintain the site and it will take more of both to allow us to survive and grow. Anything you can give will support our work and will go towards giving us both the resources and the time we require. If you wish to contribute to our going forward fund we would be eternally grateful and forever humbled. Thank You.

Via PayPal  Transfer or send money to our PayPal account.
If you have your own paypal account you can quickly and easily transfer funds to us, but you don't need to have you own account as you can make a payment with a credit or debit card in the same way as you would make an online purchase.

If you click on this banner you will be taken to our secure PayPal web page.
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