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The information on this site is offered in good faith and no responsibility can be accepted for misuse that leads to loss of data or damaged hardware.
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The information on this site is offered in good faith and no responsibility can be accepted for misuse that leads to loss of data or damaged hardware. There are any number of ways that the slightest mistake in procedure could trash a machine, so if you have a mission critical OS that you cannot restore, or data that is not fully backed up, then you should not be attempting to make fundamental changes to that machine.

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We cannot guarantee this site is free of errors and so you should not risk the integrity of your data or operating system or hardware entirely on the strength of material you find here. While much of the information on this site is written in a non-technical manner it is still aimed at a competent layperson who we expect to have taken the time to research and fully contemplate the possible consequences of their actions. It should go without saying that you should be confident and able in your ability to recover a machine from disasters so that you are never putting an important operating system or data at risk. You should never experiment on a required machine and we can accept no responsibility what so ever if you ignore these recommendations and your use of any information or material provided on this site leads to the loss or damage to an operating system, data or hardware.

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We may reference and review third-party products and services but this should not be seen entirely as an endorsement or recommendation of the companies or products mentioned. We cannot always vouch for the integrity or competence of outside companies or products and so multibooters.com cannot be held responsible for any liabilities or claims against damage caused by the actions or performance of referenced companies, services or products. You should conduct your own independent appraisals of companies before using their products or services or entering into any kind of business transactions. We supply links to outside websites that we have no control over and so they are used at your own risk. We cannot be held accountable for any dangerous or questionable content they may be found to contain.

Best Practices and Things to Avoid

red stop iconWe have various guides on our site that cover the basics and highlight many of the issues you should try to avoid. If at any time you have doubt or uncertainty on how best to proceed than we advise that you should halt operations and take the time to do further research and reading until you understand what you are doing. Blindly following step-by-step guides, or allowing software to auto configure or make changes you don't understand, can make it next to impossible for you to diagnose and repair even trivial problems.






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