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If you want to talk to us you can use the feedback form below, or you can email us, or you can post a letter. For the moment we just don't have the staff or the time for dealing with help or support questions so we apologize in advance for not getting back to you on that front. We hope in time to have a user forum, and we may include comment sections on some of our pages, but for now we just want to keep our heads down and get on with the work of building and adding content to the site.

If you think you can help us in anyway and in particular if you can point out our mistakes and failings then we would be more than grateful to hear from you. If you have encountered something in an article that was confusing or ambiguous or just not as clear as it could have been then please point it out to us and we will try to explain it better. Thank You.

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Write to us at either of the these postal addresses.

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