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Acquire a Few of the Essential Tools
As with any job or skill that we want to master we should acquire some decent tools of the trade and the knowledge to use them.
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boot disks
Make a Bootable CD or DVD From an ISO Image File.
To turn an ISO file into a bootable CD or DVD we have to do more than just burn that single file to disc.
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boot media
Make a Bootable USB/SD Flash Drive from ISO File.
Make a USB or SD device we can use to install Windows, or run software and specialist utilities, or even boot to and run an entire operating system.
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external drive
Booting Any Version of Win-8 From a USB Hard Drive.
Only Windows-8 Enterprise Edition can natively boot from a USB drive, but here is a way to get any version of Win8 installed to and then booting from a USB connected hard drive.
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win8 flash
Run Any Version of Win-8 From a USB/SD Flash Device.
If you don't have the Enterprise Edition of Win-8 then here is a way you can make your own Windows To Go USB or SD flash drive using any version of Windows 8/8.1
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Save and Share Windows Updates
Rather than auto-download the same Windows updates perhaps numerous times we can get them only once and pass them along to our other installs and clones.
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Manually Update Adobe's Flash Player
If we want to avoid untimely distractions and possible new version issues then we can get the stand-alone installer to use and reuse where and when we want.
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sun java
Manually update Sun's Java
Rather than let all our Windows installs download the same Java update we can get a reusable installer to test and install as many times as we need.
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Techguy Tech Tutorials
Our tech tutorials are where possible written in plain language and most are more than accessible to the average layperson. A few may however get a little more detailed and require some pre-knowledge or further reading before some people will be fully able to follow along.

Fixing a Windows Disk Signature Problem
The Windows Auto-Startup repair feature may fix some signature problems, but if it can't be used or it fails, then there are ways we can do it ourselves.
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mbr view
View and change a Disk Signature in the MBR
Everything you may want and need to know about the purpose and location of hard drive disk signatures and how to manually change them.
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collision icon
Resolving a Disk Signature Collision.
The cause and purpose of a Disk Signature collision warning and why the simple way to resolve it may cause you other problems.
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hard drive icon
Recover from a Changed Windows Drive Letter.
Cloning and imaging Windows to a new partition can result in boot problems when drive letters are changed and Windows can no longer find itself.
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registry icon
Edit MountedDevices in an Offline Windows Registry.
Changed drive letter assignments that stop Windows from booting can be corrected in the registry key of MountedDevices by running regedit from a different location.
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Windows7 logo
Building a Hackintosh:
A new Intel motherboard that is compatible with 'Any OS'?

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