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boot screen
What is the Point of Multibooting?
An introduction to what multibooting is and to the many benefits and advantages that makes the whole adventure more than worth the effort.
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Dual and Multiboot with Windows Latest.
The new-generation of Windows operating systems from Vista onwards have been rewritting many of the rules and conventions of the game, forcing old time multibooters into a bit of re-learning and catch up.
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Advice and Warnings and Things to Know.
In addition to all the obvious and common sense things to do and things to avoid, there are quite a few new trap doors for the uninitiated to fall down.
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ways to multiboot
Some Safe Ways to Get Started with Multibooting.
If you are impatient to try a bit of multibooting then there are some safer and quicker options that don't require making fundamental changes to a machine's hard drive.
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Manufacturer's In-Built Recovery and Restore Systems
Factory configured machines usually come with a recovery system and extra partitions or functions that can make multibooting difficult and unsafe.
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What is Your Format, Style and Type?
PC hard drives are no longer uniform and simple or all configured the same. This article tries to help you get it clear in your head what the difference is between three areas that seem designed to confuse.
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backup and recover
Multibooting With Clones for Backup and Recovery.
Creating a multiboot machine with clones of our main operating system will allow us to quickly recover from any software problem and get on with our day.
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The Windows System and Boot Partitions.
An explanation of what Microsoft call the System and Boot partitions and how you can tell which is which.
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partition magic
No More Magic - RIP Partition Magic
The PowerQuest apps of Partition Magic and Drive Image are now years past their sell by date and not safe to use with the latest hardware and the new methods and conventions for configuring drives.
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Techguy Tech Articles
If you want to understand a bit more about how it all works then our tech articles delve a little deeper. We have tried hard to use only plain language and to make these articles readable and understandable by able laypersons and normal humans.

disk signature
The Windows Hard Drive Disk Signature
The disk signature was made an integral part of the new-gen Windows boot process and this article tries to give you an insight into how it all works so you will know how to work with or around it.
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drive letters
The Disk Signature and Windows Drive Letters.
The letters of your hard drives in Windows are maintained with the aid of disk signatures. It can be useful to understand the connection and how drive letters can change when disk signatures change or go missing.
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Windows Boot Files - bootmgr and BCD.
The boot files in new-gen Windows work in an entirely different way to those of the earlier legacy Windows operating systems such as XP. If you want to try and understand the finer details then start here.
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uefi secure
The Motherboard UEFI Secure Boot.
This is a security feature enabled by default on the latest store-bought PCs that could cause problems for multibooting.
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