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The Multiboot Sequence With all New-Generation Windows.

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We apologize that this page is not ready. At present the site is just a spare-time project, so please forgive us until we manage to catch up with our plans.







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No longer last come first served.

The rule of installing the oldest Windows operating system first and the newest last no longer seems to be a strict condition for new-gen Windows. Unlike with the ntldr an existing bootmgr file on a System partition will not be replaced as a matter of course if the install routines spot that it is newer than the one that would replace it. In our tests we discovered that bootmgr will only get replaced by a newer version, and never by an older version, which means we were able to install 7 after 8, and even Vista after 7/8 and still have them all boot with no apparent problems. Kudos to Microsoft for programming this in.

There is a question however about PBRs in this scenario. The system partition PBR is always changed during an install of Windows and even though all new-gen PBRs will of course point to bootmgr there are other minor differences between them which we cannot currently say have any relevance to the correct startup of the OS. If concerned about this then either make sure that at least the youngest OS is installed last, or learn how to manually change a PBR to the version that you want. info iconChanging a partition boot record.



boot sequence button Knowing just the basics on the location of various boot files and the order in which they run can be invaluable in setting up and understanding your multiboot system.

xp and 7 button icon When the old and the new get together in the way that Microsoft intended it requires a somewhat convoluted and uneasy alliance of two bootmanagers to get the job done.

multi windows button As you add more Windows operating systems to create a multi-boot system there are some rules that need to be followed to avoid breaking the existing boot sequence chains.

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Multiboot sequence with just new-generation Windows - you are on this page
Sorry but this page is still
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Coming Shortly

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The Boot Sequence of Linux and Grub2

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Dual-boot Sequence of Windows and Linux.

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Boot Sequences of Third-Party Bootmanagers

In the mean time you can find these topics party covered in this rather long and slightly dated article from our old Vista specific website. A Guide to the Multiboot Process


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